How exactly to Write Email to Professor for Acceptance notice Your email should:

NOT have slang, abbreviations, or emoticons
have an informative subject line
be concise
be formal: Dear Dr. Smith; Sincerely, Your Name
not use Mrs. or Ms.
if applying for an starting:
address any skills the professor wants
show your experience
if asking for a study opportunity:
status specifically your interest in that research group (you need to read the professor's website)
describe why research is important for your goals
ask to plan a gathering or say that you will be approaching to office hours
Note:- Do not replicate and paste just you have to improve it according to your quest and interest. above are all samples you will need to just get idea and modify it corresponding to your match.
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Proper Email Sample 1

Dear Dr. Teacher,

I am annually student at school majoring in major.  The method that you heard bout the professor's research.  Appearance of interest in s…